MIT Changing Places Group, the University of Andorra, National and international companies are collaborating in order to bring an innovative ecosystem in to the Capital of Andorra. This innovation district pretends to engage local citizens, researchers and R&D from the companies in order to built together an Andorran living lab, an Innovation district where national and international companies can test and deploy their products and ideas and to cultivate human capital.

Current Projects:

Drones patterns and flows, collaboration living lab

Andorra Cultural Heritage

Young Future

Andorra Innovation Space


Andorra Innovation Space

The goal of this project is to provide an open collaborative interdisciplinary space for researchers, companies, startups, and educational institutions that can bring people together and empower them to actively contribute to innovation and the entrepreneurial life of Andorra.

Andorra CityScope Deployment - June 2017

Contributors: Arnaud Grignard, Ariel Noyman, Luis Alonso, Dalma Földesi, Núria Macià, Juanita Devis, Guillem Francisco Giné, Marc Vilella.

Contributors: Arnaud Grignard , Luis Alonso, Núria Macià, Juanita Devis.


Andorra Cultural Heritage

The goal of the project is to find a new way to valorize Cultural Heritage as a potential for tourists and citizens and put the culture as the foundation of the transformation and innovation process. Cultural heritage is the legacy of our ancestors. Customs, traditions, places, objects, values are passed on from generation to generation. Unfortunately, many are lost on the way. This project wants to stress the importance of the cultural heritage, how it defines ourselves and the duty of not only preserve it but also recover it.

Contributors: Juanita Devis Clavijo, Núria Macià (Fundació ActuaTECH), Cristina Yáñez (Universitat d'Andorra), Lara Martinez (Universitat d'Andorra), David Mas (Departament de Patrimoni Cultural d'Andorra), Abel Fortó García (Departament de Patrimoni Cultural d'Andorra), Sara Ubach Balagué (Departament de Patrimoni Cultural d'Andorra)


Drones Patterns Flows

The goal of this project is to use drones in a innovative way for gathering data from the patterns of movement and flow of people, collect data, 3d buildings, enviroment.

Contributors: Carson Smuts, Jason Nawyn, Luis Alonso.

Marcel Corominas (Andorradrones), Guillem Santacreu (Govern d'Andorra), Esteve Bardolet (Govern d'Andorra), Aleix Dorca (Universitat d'Andorra), Marc Unzueta (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Jordi Guerrero (Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la Universitatde Girona), Oriol Lordan (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Cristina Yáñez (Universitat d'Andorra), Xavier Forné (FEDA).


Young Future

The goal of this series of workshops is to introduce Andorran kids to data mining. Through this series of workshops they will discover the process of extracting knowledge from data through elements they are already familiar with.

Contributors: Luis Alonso, Núria Macià, Juanita Devis Clavijo.