Voxel-based Visualization Platform

Voxel-based Visualization Platform

MIT CITY SCIENCE 春季黑客松 @TaipeiTech :  


Big Data Visualization Platform Application + Development

3/24 - 3/28  2017


In celebration of the launch of MIT City Science Lab @Taipei Tech, the Media Lab will host an exclusive weekend hackathon at Taipei Tech to invite students to participate in the development MIT’s open sources urban data visualization platform project.


Event Goal / 活動目標

  1. Provide students an opportunity to participate hands-on in the development of MIT Open Source projects /  提供學生以親自手做的方式參與 MIT 的 Open Source Project

  2. Using MIT’s data visualization platform, help students develop an understanding of “Data Thinking” and “Evidence-Driven Design” approach to planning cities, transportation system and public policies /
    運用MIT提供的數據視覺化(Data Visualization)工具,協助青年學子了解如何運用數據思考,並透過 Evidence-Driven 的設計思維來參與  都市,交通與公共政策的規劃

  3. Discover a new generation of local talent intereted in combining Design, Technolog and Public Policy  /  尋找新一代,在地的,對結合設計、科技與公共政策有興趣的人才

Autonomous Mobility Simulator

Autonomous Mobility Simulator

Event Format / 活動模式:

Organizer / 主辦單位:  MIT Media Lab City Science Initiative

Mentor / 導師 :  Phil Tinn (Research Scientist) + Carlos Sandoval  (PhD Candidate) + Naichun Chen (SMArchS)

Event Period / 活動時期: 03/24 - 3/28

Participants / 活動對象: 學生

Location / 活動地點: TAF 空總創新基地APP創意園區

Participant number / 參與人數: 10 人

Meals / 伙食 : 包午餐,晚餐,宵夜

Application / 活動申請表格: https://goo.gl/forms/tWlMbNBe96hGvQB72




Event Schedule / 活動時程表:

Participation Categories & Requirement  / 參與類別與需求 


Category Winner Prize /各類別優勝獎品:

Media Lab Limited Edition Tote Bag /  Media Lab 限量手提袋